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"Kirsten is lovely and offers the most calming space. I highly recommend her reflexology as a wonderful way to self care, relax and be." Dec 2018

"I had suffered with migraines since my late twenties and they had been getting increasingly worse and more frequent in the last few years.  I started getting them at least once a month coinciding with my period was extremely debilitating and having a major impact on my life.  A friend of mine told me that Kirsten had managed to completely stop her menstrual migraines so on her recommendation I booked an appointment.  I found reflexology with Kirsten extremely relaxing and enjoyable... she was very calm and clear about what to expect and really put me at ease. Several areas of my feet were extremely sore when Kirsten began my course of treatments but these improved very quickly and after four treatments my migraines stopped.  I had a further four treatments which helped greatly with other general aches and pains in my back and shoulders and gave me respite from migraines for a whole five months. I now have regular top-up treatments that successfully keep my migraines at bay.  After treatments, the feeling of relaxation continues for the rest of the day and I always sleep brilliantly after reflexology. I would urge anyone with migraines to make an appointment with Kirsten; reflexology not only stopped my migraines but left me more relaxed, with fewer aches and pains and just generally a sense of feeling better overall.   Mar 2017

"I contacted Kirsten following a recommendation from a friend as I was in a state of anxiety. Kirsten's setting for treatment is very relaxing and her approach calm and warm. Although I felt calm and relaxed during the sessions it wasn't until after the fourth treatment that I noticed a difference in my wellbeing. 

After 6 sessions, I felt less anxious and able to think more positively enabling me to cope with difficulties and I would certainly recommend Kirsten for anyone thinking of this approach."

Feb 2016 

"As someone with a science background I tend to have a healthy level of scepticism towards techniques that are unable to explain clearly the reasons for their effectiveness.  So it was with some trepidation that my Other Half suggested trying reflexology. However, the results have been a revelation- my energy and stress levels much improved, aching shoulders, stress knots and headaches are things of the past.  While I still have no idea how or why reflexology works, the fact that I experience physical sensations in the areas of my body that correspond with the areas of the feet Kirsten is treating tells me that it is real, and it certainly is effective.

For anyone with an open mind I would recommend a few sessions, just to see if it works for you."  Apr 2015 

"I first started having reflexology with Kirsten when she was in training mainly to help with insomnia which I have had for a number of years. I now have regular monthly sessions which I find totally de-stress me and I always fall asleep. I am totally relaxed with Kirsten who is very proficient at what she does . . . she is very thorough and applies firm pressure during treatment but is gentle at the same time. I would definitely recommend treatment with Kirsten as it helps to lower stress and anxiety."  Jan 2015 

"I had suffered with mid-cycle bleeding for a few years, having numerous trips to see medical professionals to no avail. Luckily it was nothing life-threatening, but nevertheless, it was having a negative impact on my life. I was told reflexology was good for a lot of things especially hormonal ones.  I made an appointment to see Kirsten. She was extremely professional and made me feel completely at ease. After just one treatment I saw an instant result that month. I did continue to have a  course of treatment which was very beneficial. Kirsten is very knowledgable in her subject and I highly recommend her reflexology treatments."  Mar 2015 

"As a fellow school mum Kirsten was aware that I had suffered from hormonal migraines for several years so I was delighted when she asked if she could use me as a case study as the migraines had become steadily worse as I approached the menopause. The only thing that helped was strong medication which I hated taking. I was migraine free for 8 months when the treatments were regular and only suffered if I was unable to have a treatment. I would wholeheartedly recommend reflexology by Kirsten for fellow migraine sufferers. Not only has reflexology helped me physically but each session gives me enormous emotional and mental support as well. Mar 2015

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